Prenatal Lactation Class

It can be difficult trying to fit a group class into busy schedules, or perhaps you simply prefer a private, in-home class.  I will come to your home, answer your questions and assist you in practicing different breastfeeding/chestfeeding positions.  I encourage partner participation. There are so many ways for partners to help and support is critical for lactation success. We can also discuss any anatomical or medical concerns you may have as they relate to lactation.

I will customize the class to meet your specific needs.  

Anyone who takes a class from me will get a 25% discount for one home visit after the baby is born for additional support.


Currently available due to COVID-19: Offering telemedicine video classes instead

 Home Visit Lactation Assistance

You are finally home with your beautiful new baby. Everything is supposed to be wonderful and amazing...why is he still crying?  Why does it seem like she is still hungry? Are my nipples supposed to hurt like this? 

It can be exhausting trying to get out of the house for lactation support, so I come to you. Visits usually last about 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on what you need. I will work hard to respect your privacy, your cultural traditions and  your time as we work together to help you meet your personal lactation goals.


Currently available due to COVID-19: Offering telemedicine video consultations instead: the cost for virtual consults is $150.

Phone, email and/or text messaging support for problems, concerns and general questions

Breast or nipple pain? Low supply? Pumping questions?

You can purchase a 30-minute phone consultation with unlimited text and/or email support for two weeks. Intake forms and consents are still necessary and a longer consulation may be strongly recommended for difficult or complicated problems. If you decide you would like more time after purchasing this option,

the cost of this service will be subtracted from

the cost of the full video consultation visit.  The cost for this option is $50.00